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Swift Overview


The 2 yard Heavy Duty Swift and Skein-winder can be used to hold your skeins of yarn while unwinding them onto a ball winder.

They are adjustable from approximately 28" in circumference to 80". They are fully adjustable between these two sizes.

Since all of our units, both Swift and Skein-winder alike, have a handle, they both can be used to wind yarn to make a skein. You could make a skein from a cone of yarn or from another Swift/Skein-winder.

Our handle is identical to the handle we use on our World famous Ball Winder. The 2" diameter ball knob allows you to easily grasp the handle and since it rotates freely, it is almost effortless.

The reason we designate one unit as a Swift and the other as a Skein-winder is because we include our high tech Electronic Rotation Counter (ERC) on our Skein-winder but not on the Swift. Swift owners, however, may upgrade their unit by adding the ERC at a later time.

When these units are used manually, we mean that there is no motor assistance when winding yarn onto the unit.
When they are used as Swifts, they "feed" yarn to the ball winder or to another skein-winder.

You can also use the motorized skein-winder as a swift by simply disengaging the belt from the motor. This takes just a few seconds and is easily re-engaged at a later time.

2 Yard Table top swift
(pictured above with our original yarn guides which have now been replaced by our Flexi-skeiner guides pictured below)

The Flexi-skeiner guides can be changed to hold 2 or 3 skeins at one time.
They are super strong as well and are made with stainless steel. NEVER use them as handles, however. Use the wooden handle which is designed to take rough handling.

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