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Our swifts and skein-winders can be operated manually (using the hand crank) or motorized using our motorized drive system.
Just as in the case of our ball winder systems, we first designed the mechanical version in the swift product family. We then developed the metering system which converts the swift to a skein-winder.

In our product line we actually use the same unit for the swift and the skein-winder. The primary diference between the swift and skein-winder is the addition of our Electronic Rotation Counter (ERC). This state-of-the-art metering system allows the skein-winder user to easily keep track of their counts. We strongly feel that a skein-winder MUST have a counter to keep track of yarn measurement. So once we developed the ERC we could then introduced the skein-winder.

Now that the skein-winder could operate on a meterized basis we were ready to add the motor drive system. Not only did we motorize the winding, we connected the meter to the motor and now the meter controls the motor and tells it when to turn off so the user does not have to carefully monitor the system while it is winding yarn.

The motor drive can also be attached to the swift (with no ERC present) in which case the user can manually turn the motor off when they determine enough yarn had been wound. We do not recommend this type of operation since we feel the meter and motor combination is the preferred way to operate.

Our motor system also has an integrated tensioning system which may elininate the need to buy replacement belts since the belt can be re-tensioned by the user as the belt stretches. Our belts generally never break so re-tensioning the belts extends the life of the belt for a long time.

We can also wind 4 yard skeins with our motorized 4 yarder as well as multiple skeins at one time (up to 3).

Wow! Electronic metering, motorized operation, 2 or 4 yards skein sizes, 1 to 3 skeins wound at a time, floor stand or table top mount. It doesn't get any better than this in the swift/skein-winder market! We assure you, check it out yourself and then call us for a configuration that will change the way that you wind and unwind yarn!


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