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4 Yard Winder


We also make the World's only commercial grade 4 yard winders. Everything you can add onto our 2 yard unit, can also be added onto our 4 yarders.

These large units have 54" wide aluminum arms. This large unit only comes mounted on a floor stand, a special floor stand in fact. The floor stand is approximately 6 inches taller than our standard floor stand.

The same motor drive is used on this unit as is the standard ERC. Since the mass and weight of this system is greater than the 2 yard unit, the RPMs on the motor slows down slightly to 105-110 from 135-140. However, since you are winding 4 yards per revolution, you are able to wind 420-440 yards per minute (double or triple that qty if double or triple Flexi-skeiner yarn guides are used).

Our 4 yarders are the skein-winders and swifts of choice among indie dyers who want to spread their dye patterns out over a larger length. Adding to our great mechanical package, our sophisticated metering and motor drive systems only make these systems all the better. These are the only commercial grade (non-industrial) systems that do what they do.

Questions about our 4 yard systems? Please email us.

2 Yard Swift on table with 4 Yarder on the floor. Table is 60" wide.

4 Yard Swift. Base is 26" x 26".

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