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2 Yard Table Top Swift with our Flexi-Skeiner system.

The HDSS is made from Maple hardwood and aluminum. It also incorporates a super strong, custom designed stainless steel 5/8" diameter shaft which holds the arms and pulley drive. This shaft is then mounted in Igus bearings from Germany for a lifetime of reliable operation. The structure of the system is made of Maple hardwood which is formed into a super strong I-beam that can easily support the system, the yarn that you are winding and the optional 7 Lb. motor housing.

The upper section described above, can be easily lifted from its table mount system and inserted into our heavy duty floor stand if the user wants to relocate the unit from the table to the floor. Since everything is attached to the upper section, the entire system is easily transferred to the floor stand.

Why is this important?  It demonstrates how flexible our system is.

  • The user can start with a basic 2 yard Swift mounted on a table.

  • They can then add the Elecronic Rotation Counter (ERC) which measures the yarn. This is what makes it into a skein-winder.

  • They can then add the motor drive system. The motor and the ERC communicate with each other and the ERC can turn the motor drive off automatically when the desired qty of yarn has been measured.

  • The user can change their yarn guides from singles to doubles or triples, or to high capacity singles.

  • The user can then move their system from the table to a floor mount system.

  • Lastly, the user can upgrade their system from a 2 yard system to a 4 yard system.

There is no other system on the planet than can do all of this (consumer, commercial or industrial). Why would any serious fiber artist buy any other system when they can have almost infinite expandability from one system?

Triple 7" Guide (three 2.3" zones)

High Capacity Single 7" zone with large 4" end cap

This now includes a thinner (1/4") black plastic disk


Please note that we have launched a new online shop called www.nkkshop.com This shopping cart has all of the latest data for purchasing a system. The website you are looking at right now has more detailed info in many areas but when it comes to purchasing any equipment, please do it from the new shopping cart.

If you are in need of a professional swift or skein-winder, then you are in luck. Why? Because we have the most comprehensive system available.

In addition to having the sturdy swifts that yarn shops and yarn processors need, w
e also have the solutions that indie dyers need but could not easily find previously.

Our line of swifts and skein-winders is second to none!

  • We offer both 2 and 4 yard swifts and skein-winders.

  • We offer both manual and motorized units.

  • We offer both table top and floor stand models

  • We offer non-contact electronic meterized units.

  • We offer single, double, and triple as well as high capacity Flexi-Skein yarn guide systems.

  • We invented the Yarn Pet cone holder systems which eliminate re-twisting of your yarn.

  • Our units have an integrated soft touch braking system which will not leave indentations in the aluminum arms regardless ouf how many thousands of times you adjust the skein size.

  • Our Electronic Rotation Counter measures in yards, meters, and rotations.

  • Our Motor control unit communicates with the meter and together they work to measure a precise amount of yarn and then turn themselves off.

We thought our ball winder system was good! Our
swift and skein-winder product line is extensive and is easily the most complete and finest line on the market for commercial grade swifts and skein-winders.


Please note that most of our pictures include the original style Yarn Guide assemblies which included a 7/8" dia. wooden dowel. We no longer ship these wooden versions because we introduced our new Flexi-Skeiner system which is made of steel. These new guides are available in 4 configurations as seen below. The Flexi-Skeiner yarn guides are made of steel and are far more reliable. All of our original units can be easily upgraded to the new Flexi-Skeiner style guides.

See the complete line of Flexi-Skeiner versions here

Single 5" Guide (one 5" zone).
This is the standard guide on all units

Review this important info about using our Flexi-Skeiners

Double 7" Guide (two 3.5" zones)


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