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Basic Features


The Heavy Duty Swift is a "sister" product to our Heavy Duty Ball Winder. It was designed to be a commercial grade yarn swift with complete expandability to incorporate the following features:

  • 2 Yard / 2 Meter capacity - the unit can make skeins from 28" to 80" in circumference

  • The Swift and Skein-winders are identical in construction. The skein-winder has an Electronic Rotation Counter (ERC) installed (the swift has no counter)

  • Both units have yardage decals on all four arm segments.

  • Either unit can be easily motorized by adding our optional motor drive

  • The motor drive and ERC work together to provide automatic control over the winding operation without user intervention.

  • Both units have a heavy duty ball handle that rotates freely in your hand. This is our Ergo Handle and it is a pleasure to turn. It is a variant of the handle used on our popular ball winder.

  • Optional "Flexi-Skeiner" yarn guide kits can be purchased that allow the user to wind 2 or 3 skeins at one time. We also offer a high capacity guide as well which can hold 1 to 2 lbs.

Please reiew this important info about proper use of our Flexi-Skeiner Yarn Guides

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