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Important info about motor and motor sleeves

The DC gearmotor used on all skein-winders is the same motor that we use on our Motorized Ball Winder. It has the designation of 019. It runs at approx. 133 RPM with a torque factor of 100 inch/ounces. This is the standard motor used on all of our equipment.

The motor will last upwards of 2,000 operating hours and then needs to be replaced. The brushes inside the motor wear out over time and the motor then loses torque as a result. The unit will seem to slip when the brushes wear out. This can also happen if the belt has been stretched. Try to calculate what your usage is on the unit so you can predict when you are approaching the 2,000 hour point.

This motor has a metal sleeve that fits snugly around it. This additional steel sleeve adds more mass to the magnetic effect that the motor generates and this increases the torque to the 100 inch/ounce level. Do not remove the sleeve on your motor.


More Motor Information

The motors we use are DC Gearmotors. They are powered by 24 volts DC (the Power Supply we use is a 100-240 Volt AC 50/60 Hertz power adapter similar to one you would use on a laptop computer).
Our systems can be used anywhere on the planet. Our power supply meets all of the regulatory requirements for most countries. The only thing a user from another country will need to do is ad an adapter for converting the plus on the cable below to meet their wall outlet requirements.

These motors gear down the max RPM of 3600 by means of a gear system. This then provides power (torque) and turns the unit at a max. of 155 RPM.

The motor's output is then multiplied back up by means of our 5X gear system inside the ball winder. So the effective RPM at the spindle head is 155 x 5 = 775 RPM. However, there is a loss of power as a result of the gear system inefficiency and from turning the mass of the ball winder's components and the net RPM is approx 620-640. However, these 620-640 RPM have power now due to the gear reduction.

We tame some of that power so your yarn does not get torn when a jam occurs by means of our innovative belt and pulley system. So power that you need when you want it and and an  automatic slippage system when you don't. It is like an automatic clutch system all done in the background for the user.

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